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Paying off house early vs investing advice

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Or should I take the mortgage company's money and try to get a better return in the stock market? Our initial inclination was that the stock market would beat paying down your mortgage , but mortgage paydown proved a stronger contender than we expected. As an investor, what "wins" for you depends on your investment horizon and tax situation. A note about our analysis: We have performed this analysis to give insights into this question and made a number of assumptions along the way, which we call out.

At the end of our article, we've outlined our analysis for review. Also, it bears saying: past performance is not necessarily indicative of the future. No one actually has a crystal ball. Looking deeper into the results, if you had gotten a mortgage any time during or after the financial crisis through , investing in stocks was a winning strategy. From to , which includes the dot-com bubble and the lead-up to the financial crisis, paying down your mortgage was a winning strategy 10 out of 11 years.

Our initial analysis above doesn't factor in the impact of taxes. A common argument about this type of analysis is the different tax treatment of stock returns and mortgage interest. Usually, you get more benefit from stocks, due to a lower tax rate for stock gains. However, recent changes in the tax code actually give an edge to the year fixed for many Americans.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of reduced the use of itemized deductions, such as mortgage interest, because the standard deduction increased. We put together two scenarios to understand the impact of taxes. In the first scenario, we taxed only stock returns and did not factor in the benefits of deducting interest. In the second, tax is factored into both stock returns and mortgage interest.

Retirement accounts such as the k , Roth IRA, and Traditional IRA accounts are tax exempt while the money is invested, making them a great place to compound your money tax-free. If your investment goal is retirement accumulation , the tax treatment of retirement accounts is a reason to consider investing in the market rather than paying down your mortgage.

We're going to interrupt our analysis for a moment for a public service announcement. If your employer matches your contributions in a k or you're investing in another retirement plan that you have not maxed out, your choices are easy. Max out the matching plan first. Now back to our regular analysis. If you're carrying other high interest debt like credit cards, focus on these first.

There are investment questionnaires online you can take or consult with a financial advisor to help you find a portfolio that will let you sleep at night. If you need cash or need to have a cash reserve for emergencies, neither the stock market nor your home equity is the place to do that.

Selling your stocks in the event of an emergency may mean selling at a loss. Refinancing can have the benefit of lowering your monthly payment and reducing your total interest paid. This can be a great move for you financially if the interest rate drop covers your refinancing fees.

Use the money you save on a refi on a monthly basis to fuel more saving. Looking back, we were surprised to learn that paying down your mortgage was a real contender, more so than we would have initially guessed. It was a real lesson in stock market volatility to see that the mortgage has outperformed over these time horizons five and 10 years.

The reality is you should be pursuing both strategies with your extra cash. Picking the winner in a given year is hard or even impossible. For many years, average stock market returns have been significantly higher than mortgage rates , which means you stand to gain quite a bit from the difference. Liquid investment: Unlike a home that ties up your wealth, having your money in stocks, bonds and other market investment means you can easily sell and access your money if you need to.

Drawbacks of Investing Your Extra Cash Higher risk: There is more volatility in the stock market than in the housing market year over year, so you should be sure your investing timeline is long enough to weather ups and downs. Was this article helpful? Share your feedback. Send feedback to the editorial team. Rate this Article. Thank You for your feedback!

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Why You Should Focus On Paying Down The Mortgage Over Investing

and the same is essentially true of investing in your future. Since interest builds over time, the longer your monetary contributions are saved for your future, the more they'll be worth when it's time to use them. › learn › pay-off-mortgage-or-invest. Higher returns: The biggest benefit of investing your money instead of using it to pay down your mortgage faster is the ROI. For many years.