turtleneck with vest mens
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Turtleneck with vest mens

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Turtlenecks are also really damn functional—the quintessential base topper for the chilliest of environments. Just check out the fits on skiers, snowboarders, and anyone that frequents mountaintops for fun. Under their gear lies the layer—usually in black or white—that does the most in insulating one of the most critical parts of the body.

Lately, however, turtlenecks have been given the designer treatment, packing more personality than ever before. But if you aren't a fan of all that flash, Uniqlo, Topman, and COS have some sleek options that the aforementioned names, both real and fictional, would know and love. No matter what side of the spectrum you choose to inhabit, just understand that any of these turtlenecks makes you a badass mofo.

Want essential style and shopping tips on the regular? Subscribe to Esquire Select. A super-soft option made out of wrinkle-resistant Supima—and at a bargain price, too. It's not fall until you break out the camel tones, folks. Amazon Essentials never fails in offering a classic silhouette at a great price that is feels just as good as it looks. If you need something foolproof and free from any bells and whistles, just check out the name on this turtleneck: "solid.

Uniqlo's cashmere turtleneck is one of the worst-kept secrets in the entire menswear universe. The smash-hit style sells out, without fail, every season. So get in early and don't miss your chance. Simple, streamlined, easy to wear: Also known as COS at its absolute best, doing the absolute right amount.

Todd Snyder's partnership with Champion continues to offer stuff that seamlessly combines style and comfort. Case in point: This turtleneck sweatshirt. So sleek that not only can you wear it with a suit, it might actually convince you to wear a suit again. A cozy turtleneck with a couple of Preston's signatures: a splash of safety orange on the sleeve, plus "style" in Cyrillic on the neck. The undisputed kaiju of turtleneck sweaters by Undercover, an undisputed master of Japanese streetwear.

When it comes to the most opulent knitwear made of the plushest materials, look no further than cashmere king Brunello Cucinelli. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Summer Suits for Men. What if D-Day Failed? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. A thicker turtleneck in the fisherman style works great as a standalone piece in and of itself whilst a thinner turtle neck made with merino wool is a great base to layer your jackets on top of. Formal : go for a sophisticated and formal style by wearing a thinner turtleneck and layering a blazer or overcoat on top.

Casual : for a more casual yet still put together look pair your turtleneck with a jean jacket or down coat. For those of you who are fashion-illiterate or in need of new ideas, here are some options to consider. The Wahts Walton merino cashmere turtleneck was our pick for the best turtleneck because it checked off all the boxes in terms of quality, style and affordability. The sweater comes in a more traditional cut but it does lean towards a more slim fit.

The design of the turtleneck is such that it is made to be layered over top with a casual or formal jacket of your choosing. The piece itself is very soft to the touch being made with merino cashmere and comes in multiple colorways from black to a more camel color. Overall a perfect pick for a stylish, high quality turtleneck that will last you for years and will always remain fashionable.

Buy now from Uniqlo. Sold in deep luxurious colosr, this no-itch cashmere turtleneck sports a classically rough rugged cut. It offers just enough roominess without being too oversized, with a soft neck that rolls smoothly and keeps you warm up to your chin. Buy now from ENDClothing.

This turtleneck works great as a standalone piece. Buy now from J. Cashmere turtlenecks are popular for a reason. For those of you who are eyeing formal attire, this turtleneck is the perfect garment to be worn under a fancy blazer or a luxurious coat. Turtlenecks can often be a bother to those who suffer from ultra-sensitive skin due to all the irritable fabrics. However, this cotton-blend is a lightweight cozy wonder. Extremely soft and made with care, it resists any kind of irritation to your skin.