fractal analysis of the diamond forex market
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Fractal analysis of the diamond forex market forex divergence and convergence

Fractal analysis of the diamond forex market

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Each pattern, and each figure of graphic analysis can look like the example from the textbook, still being unique in its way. This randomness and non-linearity of the price move in technical analysis cannot be correctly described with use of linear structures, so it is suggested to apply non-linear fractals for the analysis. Brownian motion is the random motion of microscopic particles in a liquid or a gas resulting from thermal changes.

Brownian motion law says that the trajectory of a free particle movement doesn't depend on its location in the past. However, if we look at the whole trajectory of a particle random moving, we will see that its trajectory repeats itself in one of the past periods of time. That is, all three fractal properties are present. However, when a ticker reaches a reference point in the chart, its move forms a structure, which will resemble that, formed before, in a different period of time.

In other words, bifurcation point is at the point, where one fractal model finishes and another one starts. In fact, the aim of fractal analysis in trading is to identify this point, as exactly it will be the base to forecast and to identify the market situation. Although, non-linear fractals are unique, there was an attempt to classify them and find out the models,similar to the price curve at any moment of time.

As all fractal models are more or less similar to each other, I suggest describing the one, most suitable for our case, super bullish cryptocurrency market. This is 1. Element 1 Origin — Any fractal starts from this element. Origin determines, what will be the whole future model like, so it is very important to identify the element correctly.

It is not so hard to do, if its properties are considered. Element 2 Trident — This element is always present in all models, in one form or another. Sometimes it can resemble head and shoulders pattern of graphical analysis, sometimes it looks like three tops.

The third top is often difficult to notice. You should always remember, that non-linear fractals have no clear rules; each element of the cycle is unique, so it can be tailored to strict rules. The steeper is the slope, the stronger will be the impulse. It should be emphasized that, at this step of the price development, there can be a row of tridents. But there are rarely more than three of them.

Element 3 Impulse — This element is is the most conspicuous and the easiest to identify. As a rule, this element is featured by a strong move in the direction of the trend. In long timeframes, starting from four hours and longer, impulse wave is often divided into several sub-waves with lateral overpassing marked in the chart with green circles.

Romanesco broccoli, spirals of pinecone seeds, ice crystals, trees, rivers, leaves and even water drops exhibit the properties of repeated application. The late Benoit Mandelbrot, a Polish-born, French and American mathematician, was largely responsible for developing the study of fractal geometry, and considered by many as the father of fractals.

Although price movement can appear random — an ongoing debate among academics — repeating patterns and trends appear visible in the financial markets, across all asset classes. One of the most basic repeating patterns is a fractal. As illustrated in figure 1. Note other less perfect patterns can occur, whereby the pattern forms an irregular V shape, though basic structure should remain intact. Several trading strategies exist based on fractals, each with specific rules of engagement.

For example, some traders favour fractals as a means of confirmation, such as at areas of support or resistance, supply or demand and trend lines. It is also worth noting fractals are lagging indicators. Figure 1.

Most trading platforms offer fractals in the form of a trading indicator. The application highlights fractal patterns formed in the market, saving the trader valuable time. Bill Williams is an American trader and author of books on trading psychology, technical analysis and chaos theory. As visible from the H1 chart depicted in figure 1. A bearish fractal a down fractal forms an upward facing arrow , whereas bullish fractals an up fractal generate downward facing arrows.

Another method of filtering fractal signals is by syncing additional technical indicators. A common indicator used for confirmation is the Alligator indicator. Also developed by Bill Williams, the Alligator indicator uses three smoothed moving averages, set at five, eight and thirteen periods. The initial smoothed average computes using a simple moving average SMA , adding additional smoothed averages that slow down indicator turns.

Instead of applying additional indicators, traders may choose to learn how to identify a trending market. A market trending lower, on the other hand, generates lower lows and lower highs. While a plethora of price-based techniques are available, the following two approaches are ideal for beginner traders. Traders can apply support and resistance levels and use the fractal indicator as a means of confirming entry.

Like all technically-based methods, however, losses WILL occur. Nevertheless, after learning how to accurately select support and resistance levels, executing fractal signals off these barriers certainly places the odds in your favour. Another popular approach see figure 1. Combining these values with fractal signals and in this case, strict support and resistance adds considerable weight to a trade moving favourably. Empowering the individual traders was, is, and will always be our motto going forward.

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FRACTAL levels work best in the FX market. Pink diamond indicates pullback in downtrend (at least 6 candles failed to break candle low). The fractal indicator is based on a recurring price pattern that is repeated on all time frames. The indicator marks the frequent patterns on the chart. Fractal indicator is a wonderful technical analysis tool, highlighting the local heights and lows on candlestick charts, where the price movement had.