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In this article, you will learn about how to account for foreign currency transactions undertaken by the domestic company. A foreign exchange transaction takes place when a domestic company such as a company in the US enters into a transaction with a buyer or seller in another country such as UK to buy or read more products or services and the payments for the transaction are in foreign currency in this case pounds. We have the following details:. If the US firm was entering into a transaction with a foreign firm but the transaction was to be settled in US dollars, then the US firm will account for the transaction in the same manner as if it happened with another US firm. However, in this case the transaction is with a foreign company and the transaction is being settled in foreign currency. This exposes the US firm to bank holding company act investopedia forex exchange risk, i.

Gann forex ea creator forex trading scheme

Gann forex ea creator

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Skip to content. Using the robot posted here in trading Forex does not guarantee success. Trading this robot could lead to serious financial loss. Trading this robot without understanding its underlying trading strategies guarantees traders will lose their money.

This is not a set-and-forget ea; there is no such thing and anyone who tries to claim there is, is either stupid or lying. This ea requires frequent manual intervention. At best. At worst, it can be much less effective. If the strategy is rubbish, so is the robot. To trade this robot, you have to understand: How to use EA's.

Recently while at another forum I had stumbled onto a thread started by a gent named "Sachmo", requesting if anyone could code an EA for his Gann Square of 9 indicator which he very graciously shared. After noticing that there was no response after a time, I accepted the challenge.

The Indi itself is an interesting little beast. It changes very frequently sometimes following the price. Initially "Sachmo" indicated to me that he was using this thing on the M1 charts. It does seem to work there, but I believe that it's much more accurate on H1 or higher time frames IMO. It does seem to line up nicely with the Gann indi most of the time.

This now is the trade strategy I've adopted for the system. Please bear in mind that I consider my MQL abilities similar to a chimpanzee up in a space capsule wondering what would happen if he were to press the big "shiny red button" sometimes, and that's why I use my old EA generator software to help create my EA's. Yes I've tried other "candles ago" variations but this seems to work out the best for me. Note these two fields in the EA settings, Amount34 and Amount This is the "CAFA" amounts for buy and sell.

Although the Indi can and does get "faked out" from time to time. It seems that there still are a lot of false entries IMO. I will be addressing this and will post a new version here when ready. Thanks for your patience. Results are posted below along with the EA in MQ4 format. Try it with "ootb" settings and see how it runs. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

You can easy see what was the last order type by using a variable. How about some forward testing statements? Why don't you post the MQL version, there are people here qualified enough to change and back-test it, if there is something promising then we can have a really good EA. Till then probably nobody will run an exe. Thanks for posting. I've uploaded the MQ4 version on the first post.

Sorry, I must seem a little mysterious. I think I must be a little "road weary". Here's a link for those who want some more background on this EA. But now, I will focus just on the Fibonacci method. So the Fibonacci on the platforms is right, where we have different drawing tools like the Pitchforks, the Gann tools, and different Fibonacci.

But I will use the normal Fibonacci retracement which you can find on any platform. You can find a lot of information about it. I will show you how I am using it. But we usually measure a distance where we have a retracement, and we expect the price to get there, and then we have the different targets.

So what we have with the platform are the different levels. But I will change the colour so it will be more visual. I will start from the first low that we have in this uptrend or from where our trend line starts. This is the first low of the uptrend, and it is the last low from the downtrend. So I take the first low, and I connect it to the first high that the price made:. Now, the idea is that this is the first impulsive move that the price made.

Now, here we have the zone for the Forex Fibonacci strategy or our retracement zone where we expect the price to get into and to continue the trend direction. Now, when the price reaches the second target, I take the next high and I will draw another Fibonacci to the lowest point of the retracement. One more time, this is where the second target reached and the next high I am taking another Fib down to the low which is the lowest one as a retracement to this move.

And now what we see here, this is another move and the target is right over here and you can see that price reached it at this level. So I will take another Fib, let me make this one precisely, and I will start it from right over here, from this top. And normally I leave it at the middle. Now, you can see where is my second target — And what I need to do is I need to take the level where the price reached and take the next high.

So this is the moment when I restart the Fibonacci. So if the price goes back to the lowest point, you might restart it a few times with this Forex Fibonacci strategy. And here, if I start drawing it I will restart it over here again. I will make just a new one. And I will go to the next lowest point which I believe is the one over here. The target is reached right here from the price and I need to take it as a point for the new drawing.

So I keep looking for the moment where the price reaches this second target. What I need to take now is the next high. And I will again copy the Fibonacci, and I will draw it from this top over here, going down to the lowest point. I am taking Fib from the next high where the price reached the second target.

And in this case, it is right this level here. What do I do? And then we have the second target hit. I will take another Fibonacci and I will bring it to the next high. So I restart it again starting I ignore all that I have drawn. And I will need to take it to the first high.

And I have a new start for the Fib. So it is like I build it and if I see a lower low than the retracement, I need to restart it. I will take another Fibonacci and then I will take it from the first high after the second target, which is this one over here, here it is, and the lowest point of the retracement.

I will draw it like that, so here it is, the very same level. However, when you do your analysis for the asset, you do it just one time. It is good if you do it just to practice how I do it. And of course, if you have questions you can ask me. In the beginning, it could be a little bit complicated but the idea is very simple. We take the beginning of the trend, we draw a Fibonacci, we take the second target, where the price reached we take another Fibonacci to the lowest point of the retracement and then we continue.

Now, what is the idea here? We have this retracement zone where we want to enter. And as you can see, if the price breaks the counter trend line, as I said this is one of my entries, this will be within the retracement zone of this Fibonacci. You can see if it breaks it now, it will be within this retracement. Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions about the Forex Fibonacci strategy system in the comments below.

If you want to learn the complete price action trading system used by me, have a look at the course Price Action trading course. Tag: price action trading , price action trading course. EA Studio. So he showed me his Forex Fibonacci strategy system, how he is drawing the Fibonacci.

I implemented this Forex Fibonacci strategy in my manual trading, and for over 5 years now I use successfully a price action trading strategy. And I have shared it in one course. Drawing tools. Fibonacci shows retracement levels If I zoom in, you will see that there are these targets which you might be familiar with.

The targets in this Forex Fibonacci strategy Change the colour in case of poor visibility. The Forex Fibonacci strategy uses the levels: The colour could be anything. And I will add 1. Check if you want to add a level. I will remove 3.

The system will use two targets. I will click on OK to save the changes.

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This page, as well as all the others, will not contain a full description of how the advisor is working with detailed description of its logic, as some of it has to be kept secret. The description pages of any advisor are created for a brief introduction, with only basics description. As the trading results and the test results is already a prove of what the strategy is capable of.

As we are seeing on the picture below, you will not need many charts with different timeframes and currency pair charts. You only need one chart with the day candles to see today's results. No technical or fundamental analysis, with all possible indicators in use! You don't need to monitor how much loss making positions you have and when they will be averaged. Trader is only needed to monitor on technical conditions, like a functional PC or the internet connection during the trading days.

You can download all current trading settings. To access the settings download buttons, log in to the site using your login this is your e-mail address. Current instructions on using and configuring a forex advisor can be found on the advisor description page on our website. To view the test results and download the trading settings, in the table below, in the results cell, click on the symbol in the form of "eyes" - the report with the test results will be loaded.

In yellow cells, results with increased risks. And require control of the load on the account balance when using. Testing results - see all reports Indicators - self learning system is used that is adapting to changed behavioral factors of each currency pair, based on the "Gann square" theory. Money Management - automated control of trading position volume for market entry in relation to the balance size of a trading account.

In previous versions, less advanced similar module was used. How the third generation module is working : You set the desired profit percent which you want to gain during the day in module settings, for each used currency pair.

Traders that are using previous versions, are aware that it's not every day you get the market entry signals on all used pairs, as there was not enough validation for projected market activity. So sometimes, we will not be able to reach the set intraday profit. As the set profit percent was always the same with different amount of used currency pairs.

Sometimes it was the only pair from the used nine. Desired result was not always reached, with waiting till the end of a session to close the position in any profit possible. Judging by statistics, each currency pair has its volume of intraday volatility, so by using the averaged amount of volatility of used currency pairs, we are now using the averaged amount of profit in percents for each currency pair. So, we are now fixing profits almost on the daily bases, in relation to the total value of all used currency pairs.

Resulting in increased profitability and more balanced strategy. Targeted profit from set date — best decision for the account managers! Which can perform its calculations form set date and take into account profit and losses on closed positions, market positions and the amount of used currency pairs for the set period. To create this advisor we've used all our experience with account managing, from us and our other company Forex Invest Group OU.

Loss hedging module. Algorithm of actions was missed by the traders using averaging. Now there is no need to worry about possible drawdowns with a long term loss making position and its total profit withdrawal on the same trading instrument. Now, with the help of loss hedging module, loss positions are fixed on account of profits made on other instruments. And in most cases, before the averaging module is activated. Possible drawdowns are two limes less likely to happen, along with increased profit factor and mathematical expectation values, thanks to this module.

Subscribe to the newsletter. Stay up to date with our news. Number of Estonian commercial register nr. Home: Trading on Forex and CFDs offers an opportunity to experienced investors who truly understand how markets work, to make a profit. However, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that even knowledgeable investors may have large potential losses from their trading activities.

Thus, investors should be fully aware of all the risks associated with trading on Forex and CFDs. In addition, investors should recognize all the negative consequences associated with the trading, as well as to take the risks before you begin to trade, as trading on Forex and CFDs may not be acceptable to them. In addition, it is useful to consider what investors should start to trade using the money they can afford to lose. Please note that our website is neither a solicitation nor an invitation to trade Forex and CFDs.

Indicators: clients all over the world without country of residence limitations. Trader's software. Trade robots. On this, further sales of the adviser will stop. At the moment, there are active licenses from previous versions of the adviser. We decided not to exceed the number of active licenses in the market. Given the high profitability of the adviser, we do not want to make it massive.

Massiveness can damage the sustainability of a strategy. We also reserve 30 copies of the license for use in investor capital management within our company. Advisor will continue to develop and update. Since this is the main adviser used by traders of our company Kalinka Capital OU. Presenting a fifth! Our company made tremendous improvements and changes in the advisor's algorithm.

In , we've started working on improvements of actions algorithm for opened profit and loss making positions support. And we've reached results! As in previous advisor versions, we continued to use StopLosses, but with much more bigger improvements on averaging strategy. Strategy of capital management became more flexible and logical.

With many calculations executed in mere seconds, we've teached the advisor to react on changed account's balance. The red line is the EMA and the blue line is the gann hilo. So basically if the red line crosses the blue line, a buy order. Also using Psar for the stoploss. Please review it and advise me whether the EA is good or not, so we can use it for forex trading. I am just thinking using Average True Range for stoploss instead Psar.

But I don't know how to modify it. Hi Tirto I have also backtested this EA with nice results but unfortunately there is a bug i can't solve because i am not a programmer but with some adjustments this EA will deliver great results!

Below you can see a backtest on demo account using gann hilo psar EA! Amazing results!! But despite this impressive results this EA is not safe to run on real account because there is a bug is his programming! When EA places a buy order the EA modifies the order and disable SL closing the trade on next sell signal resulting in a huge drawndown. Sell orders works fine closing the trades on TP or SL. We need a programmer to fix it and i hope someone that unaderstand Mql4 language may help us to solve this issue!

When a price bar closes above the Gann line , enter long at the beginning of the next bar. And when a price bar closes below the Gann line, exit the previous long position and then enter short. And when a price bar closes above the Gann line, exit the previous short position and then enter long. You agree to website policy and terms of use. Gann Hilo and MA cross. New comment. Hello everyone, I am looking for a Gann Hilo Activator and EMA cross trading EA system I am using this system manually and it works for me and I am hoping that someone can help me create a self trading EA based on the parameters of the indicators.

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Build expert advisors and scripts for MetaTrader 4 and 5. No programming skills required. Free for basic projects! fxDreema EA Builder. Gann Line. Gann Line. Gann Fan. Gann Fan. Gann Grid. Gann Grid. Fibonacci Retracement. Fibonacci Retracement. Fibonacci Time Zones. This ea requires frequent manual intervention. At best, a trading robot is only 90% as good as the manual strategy it trades. At best. At worst.