investing subs in ported box designs
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Investing subs in ported box designs pre ipo investing for dummies

Investing subs in ported box designs

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The inverse is true as well; more cabinet volume will decrease the Q offering more low bass extension but the cone will bottom easier lowering the power handling. If you have ever seen very small subwoofers they are built with a driver that has a very low VAS so that they can be used in a small box and also need lots of amplifier power to reach really deep. The limited air volume keeps them from bottoming out easily, more power is needed to reach the lowest frequencies. Use a calculator to make it easy.

Go to sealed subwoofer box calculator. Go to ported subwoofer box calculator. The volume of the box can be changed within a certain range. Depending on the volume and driver you choose will change the size and length of port you will need. Start with a driver that has Qts and Qes Thiele Smal parameters of. Example; Qts. Next, what is the VAS? This is the compliance of the driver which is the same as if sealed in a chamber of air.

It moves as easily in x amount of air as it does in free air. It is the compliance of the driver and it helps us determine the type of box it should be placed in. Higher numbers will need larger boxes; lower numbers, smaller boxes.

This number will be a rough idea of how large your box should be. Your cabinet will likely be slightly smaller in volume than the VAS number of the driver. Use a calculator to figure your best volume, box dimensions, and port dimensions. I use these links often. Go to ported box calculator. If you need help figuring out your volume, this page is helpful as well. Go to enclosure volume calculator. This is where things get really dicey. There are formulas for how much power you need.

So only you can choose how much power is enough. Often, the budget is another factor as more powerful amplifiers usually cost more than their low power counterparts. Also features are a factor. Do you need a phase adjustment? Bass boost? It might seem silly but especially when building a sealed subwoofer the bass boost is handy to overcome some of the natural roll off of the sealed cabinet. EQ functions are also very helpful in getting the best performance out of your sub.

Here, you really get what you pay for. The higher priced subwoofer amplifiers will have more power and more features than lower priced, low power units. We take these same theories and apply them to our own subwoofers. If you are not interested in building your own sub, we can do it for you.

The ELA-5 is truly remarkable. It uses birch ply construction. This is not a conventional box folks. The inner chamber is very well braced. The driver is top notch too. Read more about it at subwoofer diagram of the ELA-5 sub. Go back to the top of page! Return to subwoofer installation page from; subwoofer design page.

Return to Home Speaker from; subwoofer design. Skip to content. With your driver selected and knowing the internal volume needed to achieve your desired Qtc, the next step is actually building the enclosure. We also recommend a double thick front baffle, as this will improve cabinet rigidity as well as allow you to recess the flange of the driver for a cleaner look. For those who only have a passing interest in woodworking, flat packs sold by Parts Express and others are also a viable option.

A flat pack is to subwoofers what Ikea is to furniture. You get a bunch of pre-cut pieces to build an enclosure, which you assemble at home. Needless to say, this can save a bunch of time and effort, but they may not fit your exact requirements, i. On the face of it, picking an amplifier seems like a simple task; more power is better than less, right? Getting this balancing act right is the key to maximizing performance without putting your investment at risk.

This is also an area where commercial subwoofers have an important advantage; through the use of customized DSP limiters, they can keep a woofer out of trouble while still having a boatload of power on tap. Some of this is relatively straightforward.

Also as mentioned above, over-driving a woofer tends to be a lot easier with a low Qtc alignment, versus a Qtc of 0. An important implication of this is that due to the displacement-limited power handling of a low Qtc enclosure, upper bass output is also limited relative to a higher Qtc box. Given the dynamic nature of real world content, this is something you can take advantage of. On the other hand, 4kW worth of sine waves for a couple minutes is a great way to end up with a melted voice coil.

A W plate amplifier from SpeakerPower. In many cases, this can be beneficial since the high pass filter acts to remove ultra-low frequencies that most systems are ill-equipped to produce, while reducing the load on the amplifier at the same time. Win-win right? In the case of a subwoofer, this high pass filter will have the effect of neutering performance in the infrasonic range. Depending on your performance goals, this may not be a big deal. In addition, poorly implemented filters can lead to ringing and phase anomalies, which can have a negative effect on sound quality.

Moving beyond the capability of the amplifier, there is one other question to consider: do you want a plate amplifier or an external amp? While plate amplifiers have the benefit of allowing an all-in-one-box solution, there are a lot of reasons to consider an external amplifier. First and foremost, you can buy a lot of power for cheap in the form of a pro-style external amp. As mentioned, a DIY subwoofer primarily consists of a driver, enclosure, and amplifier.

Of course, there are a few additional ingredients that are worth considering as well. Without any sort of EQ, even the best subwoofer will have ugly peaks in the response that are a recipe for boomy bass. EQ will also let you shape the low end of your system; depending on the amount of room gain your space exhibits, you may be able to achieve flat response well below 20Hz with little more than a low shelf filter. However, one should be careful in boosting system response, as this requires more amplifier power and excursion from the driver.

Remember, a 6dB boost equals 4 times the power and 2 times the driver excursion, making it easy to run out of headroom in a hurry. So now the question becomes a little simpler: what the heck do you buy? Fortunately, there are quite a few solid drivers in all sizes out there from a wide range of brands. An ideal driver will have a lot of linear throw xmax , power handling, low distortion, and a reasonably flat frequency response up to at least Hz. When it comes to power, again there is no shortage of high quality power amps out there, particularly from pro-manufacturers like Crown, Crest, QSC, et al.

Also as mentioned before, a flat pack from Parts Express can also make enclosure construction a far less laborious task. For wiring, we recommend no less than 12AWG cable, though the lower the better for high powered applications. Cutting your own wood might be a little cheaper, but not by enough to really matter especially if you make mistakes.

You would be hard pressed to find a commercially available sub with this level of performance at this price. Are you a serious bassaholic on a tight budget? However, realizing the value proposition of DIY requires great care, both in terms of getting the design right, as well as the implementation. Are you a DIY subwoofer enthusiast? Make sure to share on our forums, including pictures of your build.

Confused about what AV Gear to buy or how to set it up? The Driver The first step in building any subwoofer is selecting the driver, as this will determine how large an enclosure you need as well as what you need in terms of amplification. The Enclosure With your driver selected and knowing the internal volume needed to achieve your desired Qtc, the next step is actually building the enclosure.

Accessorizing As mentioned, a DIY subwoofer primarily consists of a driver, enclosure, and amplifier. How Much Does it Cost? Conclusion Are you a serious bassaholic on a tight budget? View full profile. Read the Complete Thread. Verdinut, post: , member: My apologies for the misunderstanding. I had been confused by a book by ex-engineers at Altec Lansing.

I understood that doubling SPL meant an increase of only 3 dB. Sorry for the questioning. The confusion seems to stem from the difference between amplitude and power intensity, where amplitude is a field measurement that uses a log base of 20 and power whereas a power ratio uses a log base of Amplitude works on a different scale that is equivalent to voltage.

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The best ported subwoofer box design will make a big difference. want a sub box that will last for years, it's always recommended to invest in a durable. Sealed enclosures are typically smaller and easier to build because there is no port to tune and the choice in woofer box really does matter to. A well-built and braced speaker enclosure design can make a huge improvement over a thin, There are many different ways to sub design and box building.