beginner knit vest pattern
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Beginner knit vest pattern mens ugly sweater vest

Beginner knit vest pattern

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You can choose to knit with woolen yarn for winter layering, or use cotton to create an airy knitted tank top. To customize your V-neck even more, you can vary the ease for a tighter or looser fit. The slipover is first worked from the top down in three panels, which are then closed together to knit the rest of the body in the round. To create the classic neckline and trimmed armholes, simply pick up from the existing stitches on the body. The pattern contains instructions for sizes XS to XL, and the final best measures 68cm to 75cm in length.

Worked from the top down using broken rib stitch, this V-neck slipover pattern is a good project for confident intermediate knitters. The pattern includes instructions for sizes XS to 5XL. Broken rib stitch stretches when washed, so be sure to knit to the smaller specified gauge so the final vest continues to fit after some wear. Along with the classic neckline, the sweater vest features a cropped silhouette and classic ribbed detailing on the edges. The Minerva Vest pattern features a contrasting rib on the neck, shoulders, and hem as well as two pockets that are patched on at the end.

It is an intermediate level pattern that is also available as a knitting kit. Worked from the top down, the pattern begins with the back of the vest which is shaped with short rows. The shoulders are then picked up from the body and worked from the top down to shape the V-neck. At the end of the pattern, the front and back sections are joined and the body is knit in the round to the hem. Another beautiful pattern from Rowan, the Ember Vest is an advanced V-neck knitting pattern that uses felted tweed yarn and 5mm needles.

The pattern uses intarsia and fair isle techniques to create beautiful colorwork with eye-catching patchwork squares reminiscent of 80s fashion. The knitting pattern for this V-neck vest involves both flat and circular knitting. Using three strands of mohair and silk yarn held together, the sleeveless slipover is knit seamlessly from the top down with stockinette stitch. Once the V-neck has been shaped, the remainder of the body is knit in the round.

This simple, super chunky V-neck vest pattern is great for beginners. Another super chunky V-neck vest pattern, the Drama Vest is knit from the bottom up with two sets of circular needles. The pattern includes instructions for both a long and a short model, which means you can choose to knit either a cropped vest or a regular vest depending on your preference.

The knitting pattern is simple to follow as it involves repeating just four rows consistently for a traditional, textured look. The sweater vest design is suitable for both men and women and can be knit in neutral or brightly-colored yarn for a modern twist. Featuring a folded V-neck and a ribbed texture, this knitting pattern includes a simple but timeless design that will work well in neutral colors over a shirt or a dress. Best suited to intermediate knitters, it requires flat knitting for the back and front panels which are then joined at the underarm.

Most V-Neck vest knitting patterns involve both flat and round knitting. In many cases, the front and back yokes are worked from the top down and knitted separately in panels. These are then joined together up to the armholes. During this process, simple decreasing is used to shape the shoulders and neckline.

Once these sections are joined, the main body of the vest is then knit in the round on circular needles to the hem. This is often done using the classic stockinette or stocking stitch, similar to the techniques used in polo sweater knitting patterns. Typically, trimming around the neckline and armholes is achieved by simply picking up from the existing stitches on the body towards the end of the pattern.

This is often done using ribbing. Vest knitting patterns usually require less yarn than sweaters or blankets due to the lack of sleeves. You might need anywhere from g to g of yarn, though this will depend on the yarn weight and the colorwork involved in the design.

Depending on your experience level and the exact methods used in the pattern, a vest can take up to 25 hours of knitting time to complete. V-neck vests often require some degree of shaping for the collar, which can take a little longer than other vest styles with a rounded neckline. Positive ease is specified in knitting patterns to make sure the final garment allows room for your body to move.

It refers to the difference between your actual chest circumference and the measured circumference of the garment. Positive ease specifications are common in lots of knitting projects, including dress knitting patterns. If a knitting pattern is designed with 5cm of positive ease, that means it is designed to be 5cm larger than your bust measurement.

Before you start knitting your vest, measure your chest circumference with a measuring tape to find out which size will fit you best. Follow the pattern according to this size designation and take the positive ease into account when knitting each section. Take a look at 10 stylish, colorful polo sweater knitting patterns from designers all around the world. Go to Pattern. You will form the other side of the neckline and finish your knitting by joining the two shoulders at the back of the neck and knitting the back of the vest.

If you prefer to work in the round, you will start knitting from the bottom to the armhole, dividing the front and back stitches. You will first work the back, shaping the armholes and then, work the front of the vest, shaping the armholes, neckline, and shoulders. Once finished, you will join back and front with an invisible seam.

Finally, you will return your stitches on hold from the neck to your working needle and knit the back band in both cases. This is the size that you can see in the photos at the end of the post, but this same model is also available in sizes M , L and XL.

Whether you need a different size besides the one in the tutorial, find it easier to knit with detailed instructions row by row, and stitch by stitch, or you choose to knit in the round to avoid seams sides, you have the downloadable and printable PDF pattern at a hand! Click on this link or in the following image to choose your size! To know what size you need, you only have to know your chest contour and decide if you prefer it tighter or looser.

Size S. Bust circumference between cm. Size M. Size L. Size XL. As in all my patterns, you have the option to buy separately one size, or get the 4 sizes of the pattern available at a great discount. The PDF pattern gives you some extra advantages that will make knitting much easier. You can download your pattern and use it whenever you need it without depending on the mobile connection. You can print it to always have it by your side while you knit and do annotations, track marks , etc….

It is very important to notice that in this pattern, on even rows, we will work stitches as they appear, that is, knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches, unless it is expressly stated in the text. Once the hem of the knitted vest is completed, you should work row 17 and following odd rows until 87, Rib 8 Ribbed Stitch , k31, Rib 17, k31, Rib 8.

On the next purl row work: Rib 8, p31, Rib 8 knit sts, place these 47 stitches on hold onto a stitch holder. Then purl 2 stitches together p2tog , Rib 7, p31, Rib 8. To form the armhole and neckline at the same time, you must work decreasing 1 stitch in the odd rows in the armhole area and 1 stitch every 2 odd rows in the neckline area. We are going to work these decreases beginning at 8 stitches from the edge of the work, that is, once you have worked 8 rib stitches, you must Slip 1 Knit 1 Pass Slip Stitch Over s1k1psso and when you have 10 stitches left to finish the row, you should knit 2 stitches together k2tog and then rib 8.

Once you get 35 stitches, you have finished decreasing to form the armhole of the Knitted Vest , but you should continue decreasing every two odd rows to shape the neckline until you obtain 26 stitches. To finish the right shoulder, we will give it a little more height by knitting 11 more rows without decreases.

Remember that you must work the first and last 8 stitches in Ribbed Stitch. Once the first armhole, neckline and shoulder are formed, we are going to place the reserved stitches for the other armhole into our working needle.

You must work the same way; decreasing 1 stitch in the odd rows in the armhole area and 1 stitch every 2 odd rows in the neckline area until obtaining 35 stitches, continue decreasing only every 2 odd rows in the neckline area until you end up with 26 stitches and finish knitting 11 more rows to give it height.

Once you have all your front formed, it is time to join the two shoulders at the back of the neck to continue knitting the back of the Reversible Knitted Vest. To do this, on an even row, work 8 rib sts, p10, place on hold into a stitch holder the next 8 rib sts without knitting. Cast on 43 stitches, place the stitches on hold from the other side of the neckline into the working needle, except for the 8 ribbed closest to the neckline that will remain on hold. Purl 10, rib 8.

Once this row is worked, you will end up with 79 stitches on your working needle and two stitch holders on both sides of the neckline with 8 stitches in each of them. To form the upper back area, work these 79 stitches for 44 rows. You should continue to form the pattern by working odd rows: Rib 8, k23, Rib 17, k23, Rib 8. Work all the stitches as they appear on even rows. When you reach the armhole area, work increasing 1 stitch on each side after the ribbing until you get 95 stitches.

I have chosen to use M1L and M1R increases.

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Drops Design. Work Tops. Chain Stitch. Baby Knitting. Circle Pattern. Elizabeth Smith. Dress Gloves. Scarf Styles. This is the chance to make a fashionable vest for yourself and it is easy to add a little customization should you need to. Because it is lightweight it can complement any outfit as long as you get your color combinations right.

Having said that, you can always make multiple vests for different looks. This is what a lot of people think of when they hear the word vest so why not put this pattern to good use and add layers to your wardrobe. It can be hard to find a flattering vest that fits well from a store but this is a great way of making sure your tank wrap fits the way you like it. The ring keeps everything together and adds a little wow factor to something that is crafted at home.

Try different colors and make a good supply as they really do go with everything. More at: Morning by Morning Productions. This looks like something that you would find on a catwalk so we are all for the simple yet rewarding pattern here. More at: Instructables Craft. A vest sewing pattern that is definitely on the easier side of swing projects, it looks great and starts as an old sweater but ends up as something worth wearing day in day out.

The large photos and simple descriptions make this a great guide for beginners and would make a great gift for someone. Depending on the material of the sweater used, it could be a winter warmer to take the edge off, or something to slip on in a warmer climate.

Either way, it looks great. More at: Create Enjoy. Faux fur tends to look a little tired over time so any small jacket lying around that you are tempted to throw away can be given a new lease of life as a bolero. This could be the go-to piece in your wardrobe or complementing a long sleeve t-shirt and it is easily accomplished in just a handful of easy steps.

The oversized collar gives plenty of protection against the chill and most importantly. More at: La Vie Diy. The concept is simple, weaving strips of denim into a vest looks great but there is a little skill involved. This is one for those who like texture and because of the material, it will last well.

More at: Trash To Couture. The steps are as easy as you might imagine with a 5-minute design and the bonus is that it can also be worn as a scarf. More at: Wobi Sobi. If you have a vest that you can use as a size guide then this is pattern is made even easier. The good thing is that this design even uses the waist area of jeans, turning it into a collar. More at: Style Boulevard. The simple instructions are easy to follow because of the big pictures and it offers a great chance to use some of that fabric you have in the cupboard and put it to good use.

More at: Sarah Kirsten. Turn it into a vest that you will actually look forward to combining with other picks from the wardrobe and follow this simple vest sewing pattern. More at: My Life on the Divide. Sometimes it feels like you are only as good as the fabric you are using so using shearling gives you a good chance of making a vest that looks great.

The method focuses on cutting to size so there is less of the sewing and more enjoying your new look that everyone else is asking about. More at: Trinkets in Bloom. Around 1. More at In Honor of Design. Not everyone has a machine in their home but even if you do, it can be nice to make new garments without using it from time to time.

This is exactly what you are getting here. Armed with a yard of fabric and ten minutes this can be the sort of vest that you make and feel rightfully smug about because of how easy it is to make. More at: Sunshine and Spoons. It is always best to start with an interesting pattern on the fabric as that is as important as the style here and there are even double-sided fabrics that can be used to make a 2-in-1 knit vest.

More at: One Little Momma. A dapper yet casual vest works well with jeans or just for a photoshoot of your little one. Cute Boys Vest. This vest swing pattern is a hit with many mothers and can be amended to fit different ages. Reversible Waistcoat. Shawl Collar Vest. Fun Fringe Vest.

Circular Vest. Square Vest. Blanket Vest From A Scarf. Snuggle Up Faux Fur Vest. That way, you can always be sure you have a vest worth snuggling. Hoodie Vest. Double Breasted Waistcoat. Tank Wrap Vest. Fashionable Ruffled Vest. There are easy-to-follow photos as well as an instructional video. Ruffled Vest. Faux Fur Bolero. Basket Weave Jeans Vest. In a hurry and need an extra layer? Old Jeans Into Vest Pattern. Lined Vest Sewing Pattern. One of the easier methods, especially since there are two to choose from here.

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Sizes Designed by Joann Rogers. Sleeveless cardigan sweater vest with Wandering Cables on front and back on seed stitch background. Designed by Lion Brand Yarn. Super Bulky weight yarn. Shawl collar cardigan vest with a ribbed hem, a fishing net cable panel on the back, gentle waist shaping and a ribbing.

Sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 in. Designed by Alegria DaSilva. Bulky weight yarn. Cabled cardigan-style vest with shawl collar. Bust 35" - 49" Designed by Katie Himmelberg. Knee-length open vest with an option for a shorter version. Features pocket and contrasting band. Designed by John Crane for Skacel. DK weight yarn. Quick knit in super bulky.

Designed by Premier Yarns. This long, open-front vest features ribbed front edges, a pointed back collar, ribbed detail in back, and easy cap sleeves. Designed by Norah Gaughan for Berroco. Designed by Berroco, the pattern has optional sleeves to make a cardigan. Designed by Suzanne Resaul, this versatile convertible garment can be warn as vest, halter, tunic, cowl, scarf, and more.

Designed by Andrea Maglisceau for Cascade Yarn, this vest is worked sideways in one piece. Can be worn many different ways, with the collar up or down. Designed by Deby Lake for Universal Yarns, this vest gets its unique look from mixing two colorways of variegated yarn. Designed by Laura Matthews for Cascade Yarn, this draped front vest features a cabled border.

Designed by Vera Sanon for Cascade Yarn, this lace vest is designed like a shawl with armholes. Designed by Michael del Vecchio for Universal Yarns, this vest features a leaf lace border. Designed by Vera Sanon, this vest is a poncho buttoned at the sides. Agnese Vajevska designed this hooded vest knitted in one piece from the bottom up. Lacing can be replaced by buttons. Pictured project by GothKnitty.

No longer free. Easy cropped cardigan vest. Rated easy by Ravelrers. Quick knit in Super Bulky weight yarn. Cardigan vest with softly sloping cables on the front, feminine shaping and a stunning Celtic knot design at the back. Women sizes S-XL. Designed by Cardiff Bay Handknits. Aran weight yarn. Vest Pattern. Yarn Projects. Knit Vest. Knit Shrug. Knitting Basics. Knitting Projects. Danish Fashion. Needle And Thread. Knitting Machine Patterns.

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Knitted Tutorial / Cropped Vest

Free Knitting Pattern for Easy Going Vest - Garter stitch cropped cardigan vest in 3 pieces and seamed. Rated easy by the designer and I think it would be. All the sweater vests in this collection are easy to knit and based on knitting patterns written for beginners, many of them even include video guides that will. Looking for free Vests Knit Patterns? Yarnspirations has everything you need for a great project.